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I blame the pareidolia

Makey Connection – Splore 2017

For the third year running we built our interactive photo booth at Splore – an annual music and arts festival held at Tapapakanga Park, in Orere Point, New Zealand. Despite the rain this year’s festival was an outstanding success.

To take a photo with the Makey Connection you need to work with at least one other person to simultaneously push the flower buttons.

The booth ran 24-7 taking over 3500 photo’s. It was a huge success despite the rain, in fact some of the images came out really well because of the rain. Here’s a sample:


The photo’s were loaded to Splore’s Facebook page:

Splore Makey Connection Friday

Splore Makey Connection Saturday

Splore Makey Connection Sunday



Taranaki mind maze

Taranaki Mind Maze – Jamie Larnach 2016. Limited edition prints available

What you see, not where you look

What you see, not where you look. Jamie Larnach. 2016. Acrylic paint on board. Approx 1225mm x 600mm

Work in progress

Tui over primordia

Tui over Primordia 680x800 acrylic on board

Acrylic paint and ink on board.

Love of Art


Digital. Photoshop.

I wish I could see what you see


I wish I could see what you see. Jamie Larnach 2015. Acrylic on board, roughly 600 mm x 600 mm.

I love painting birds, they occupy a special place, moving between worlds of earth, air and water. In Maori tradition the Tui and many other birds are messengers of the gods, moving between the realms with purpose and significance.

Kereru saw lava over Tamaki Makaurau

Kereru saw lava. 620x780 acrylic on board

Jamie Larnach 2015, acrylic on board.

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