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I blame the pareidolia

Kea over Orange

Kea over orange 72

Kea over Orange, Jamie Larnach 2015.

Kea’s are the worlds only alpine parrot and are endemic to New Zealand, with bright orange plumes nder their wings. Funny and cheeky birds they occupy the same niche as monkeys


Bird Age

Bird Age 72

Bird Age. Jamie Larnach 2015.

Playing with native New Zealand birds, landscapes, water drops and geometric patterns.

Live painting as performance

Live tui painting 3

Live painting performance with the superbly talented Michael Day at the 2015 Aum Festival in Hakea, Raglan, New Zealand.

Live tui painting 1

Tui taking shape

Live tui painting 2

This was amazingly good fun. Thanks to John and Anna at Aum

Live tui painting 4

Looked great under the UV lights too

Live tui painting 5


Photos by Dave Homewood.

Remover of obstacles


Sometimes I like to smash pixels, mostly in photoshop. I’ll go hunting for images, stash them for later and one day have the urge to work digitally. This is one of my works from 2014.

Pollen dream

Pollen machine oil


tui raven oil

Landscape 2

People often see themes of science fiction and imagine that my landscapes are straight from fantasy novels. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s not so far from my inspirations of beatific dream and visions of other lands.

Noetic faces


Noetic faces. Photoshop. 2014

Spring reign

spring reign

Spring reign – Pencil, acrylic, ink on board. 2014

Visions at sunset

detail -sunrise landscape hexs oil

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